Asian couple in love.

Winter shoot in Hida Furukawa

Last month we had a chance to visit a picturesque little town with the soothing atmosphere of the Edo Period. The town called Hida Furukawa is located in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture and situated along the Miya River. The town became famous last year, as a real-world model and an inspiration for an imaginary town of “Itomori”,…

Group picture of three families in a park.

Family Photography in Fall

The fall of 2016 was a busy season for us as we were preparing for the transition from Nandemofoto to ProPhotos Japan. At the same time, we were doing our best to fulfill obligations to our existing customers as well as meeting new clients and making new friends. Although the biggest parts of our business…

Head-shot of a young Asian women.

Photo sessions on location in and around Nagoya

Our photo session on location service is becoming very popular with visitors from abroad. If you are visiting Nagoya why not hire us for you photography needs. We would love to show you some cool local photogenic spots, and to provide you with high quality photos to remember your trip. We offer family sessions, portraits and…


Portrait & Headshot session with Florence

Here are a few photographs from a recent portrait and headshot session with Florence. The shoot started a little slow since Florence needed some time to overcome her shyness. She was obviously unaware of how photogenic she was. However, after I showed her a few initial images of her, explained my shooting process a gave…


Headshot session

A few pictures from the last week’s head-shoot session with the actress and theatre director Ellis van Maarseveen. こちらが先週撮影した女優で劇場ディレクターの Ellis van Maarseveen さんのヘッドショット写真です。 * Ellis is an easygoing person with bright personality and very good acting skills, thanks to her the shoot was a breeze and fun. * If you are looking for a professional headshot or portrait photographer in Nagoya or Aichi area do not hesitate to CONTACT me…