An Asian couple visiting Hida Furukawa.

Last month we had a chance to visit a picturesque little town with the soothing atmosphere of the Edo Period. The town called Hida Furukawa is located in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture and situated along the Miya River. The town became famous last year, as a real-world model and an inspiration for an imaginary town of “Itomori”, in a Japanese anime fantasy drama: “Your Name” (君の名は / Kimi no Na Wa).

A photographer lying on the ground while taking a picture.

Photographer at work


An Asian couple posing in a snow.

This calm, historic place with its temples, sake breweries and a canal – lined on either side by traditional houses and old warehouses with white walls, makes a perfect place for a holiday photoshoot.

No wonder this place was chosen by our customers, a lovely couple from Hong Kong.

An Asian couple pretending to be sumo wrestling.

A young couple at the entrance of Honkoji temple in Hida Furukawa.

A couple standing on a red bridge staring at a river.

A couple standing on a small bridge across a canal. Winter scenery.

Waving goodbye on a bridge.

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A few more pictures from the shoot on our Facebook page…