Here are a few photographs from a recent portrait and headshot session with Florence.
The shoot started a little slow since Florence needed some time to overcome her shyness.


She was obviously unaware of how photogenic she was. However, after I showed her a few initial images of her, explained my shooting process a gave her some guidance she was able to relax and she started enjoying the shoot.



It is very important to me, to make the person I photograph to feel comfortable and relaxed. Having small breaks, viewing the raw material on a computer screen and discussing what works, what looks good and what doesn’t is an important part of the process.



This is the main difference between picture taking by corporate photo shops and my private portrait sessions, a personal involvement with coaching and humour. I’m not interested in mass-producing pictures with one look that “works for everybody”. I always try to really get to know my customers and make photographs that are unique to them.




Also, let’s address the misconception about headshot photography, that it’s only for actors and entertainers…right…

Tell that to Florence who is MD PhD Medical Writer!




After the studio session we went to a local park for some environmental full body shots, this one is my favourite…




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